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Computer Upgrades & Networks delivers solutions to small business in Southern New Jersey.  Our goal is to provide the highest level of support to our customers and to increase their profits. We utilize new or existing technologies that will reduce costs and increase productivity.



Computer Upgrades & Networks provides the highest level of technical knowledge to help small business get the most out of their money.  We utilize partnerships with best in class networking equipment manufacturers, computer system manufacturers, and internet service providers to increase reliability and performance and reduce costs.


Solutions we have provided.....


Major retailer:  Connected several retail locations utilizing existing Internet access using secure Virtual Private Networks.  This approach allowed the customer to discontinue the use of dedicated phone service for data, and leverage the lower cost and higher bandwidth internet for their point of sale application.


Mortgage broker: Utilizing Virtual Private Networks, we connected several branch locations.  This allowed centralization of the customers data which increases security of sensitive information, and allows for a more secure backup procedure.


Manufacturing company: Installed a integrated voice and data service.  This reduced costs for phone and Internet in half.  With increased bandwidth the customer has increased electronic communications to increase productivity. 





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