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Q. "My system is slow.  Do I need a new computer?"

A. Not always! Most systems can be given new life with some low cost upgrades.


Q. "The cable company wants several thousand dollars to install internet access for my business. Are there any alternatives?"

A. Absolutely!  Cable modem is an excellent choice for a small business, but not the only option.  Computer Upgrades & Networks can help you find the option that best fits your needs!


Q "Can I access my business system from home?"

A. With broadband internet, this has become a simple function to add.  However, there are many security issues to be considered.  We can implement a solution that will deal with these security issues.


Q. "My software vendor wants a lot of money to fly techs in from California to install my network. Am I stuck with paying this much?"

A. Absolutely not!  We will work with your software vendor and any other party required to insure a smooth installation.  Our goal is to provide the highest level of support both pre and post sales.


Q. "How can I protect my network from viruses and hackers?"

A. There are many ways to accomplish this and we will find the most cost effective method for your business.  Most solution providers will use a cookie cutter approach that provides them with the most revenue.  We will provide you with a solution that fits your needs, not ours!


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