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At Computer Upgrades & Networks LLC., we strive to provide the highest quality products and services.  We can identify products to fit your needs.


Internet Access

We can provide Internet access in many forms from Cable Modem, ISDN, DSL and T1.  We are partnered with the largest providers in the nation and can locate the right service at the right cost.



Have you reviewed your phone bill lately?  Did you know that services are available that can save you money on Local, Long distance, and Internet?  At Computer Upgrades & Networks we have the partnerships and the knowledge to help you find a carrier that can save you money.



Is your network running properly?  Is your backbone technology slowing your productivity? Is your network secure?  We can help you optimize your backbone and increase productivity.  The cost of networking equipment had dropped drastically and performance can be increased for a small investment.  Let us help you determine if you can benefit from the new breed of network backbones.


Computer Systems

Are your desktop systems more than five years old?  Is your server more than three years old?  You may be in need of a new computer because many older computers will not support the newer software.  In fact, older software is in many cases not supported by the manufacturer.


Technical Support

Are your computer systems giving you problems?  We can resolve many of your problem issues right in your office.  If required, we will repair your system in our shop in a timely fashion. We are also capable of performing remote diagnostics on your server and desktops as well.


Computer Upgrades

Did you know that most "off the shelf" computers are equipped with only the minimum system resources?  Most systems in the last three years can be given new life with simple upgrades and maintenance.  We can optimize and extend the life of your existing computers.





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